Brain science, and especially the neuroscience of consciousness, should be accessible to everyone.


I am committed to public engagement and communication of neuroscience, through books, my blog, articles in the media, and arts-science collaborations.  I am a regular contributor to the The Guardian, the New Scientist, and the BBC, among other media (see my Guardian profile).  Selected stories are maintained on this page.

The Dress (Sky News)


Explaining the brain basis of the infamous blue/black white/gold dress.  This also led to a two-page spread in The Sun on visual illusions. February 2015

Story of Now (BBC)


A unique interactive documentary created by the BBC in collaboration with TouchCast. "How did we arrive at this exact point in time? 20 of the smartest and most insightful people on the planet look to answer that question in twenty interactive videos. They help us answer the questions we think are beyond our understanding. Story of Now. It'll really make you think."  I contributed the section on Consciousness.   January 2015