A Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow, I am committed to public engagement and outreach.






  • The King of Dreams, with Alice Roberts (BBC Radio 4, September 18)

  • The Sky is Wider: BBC4 radio drama, with Linda Marshall-Griffith (writer) and Nadia Molinari (Jul 5). Nominated for the 2016 Prix Europa: radio fiction category and WINNER of the BBC audio drama awards (2017) for 'best single drama' and 'lead actress'. It was also a BBC Radio 'pick of the year'.

  • Real Worlds: BBC4 radio drama, with Jane Rogers (writer) and Nadia Molina (Jul 6)

  • Comment in article about neuroimaging of LSD (The Scientist, Apr 13)

  • Live interview about AI and AlphaGo (CNN MoneyView, Mar 10)

  • Live interview about AI and AlphaGo (BBC World Service, Mar 09)

  • Newsnight (BBC2, segment about AI, Mar 03)

  • DriveTime with Simon Mayo (BBC Radio 2, live interview about optical illusions, Feb 25)

  • Pick of the Week, featuring the Monkey Cage (BBC Radio 4, Jan 24)

  • The Infinite Monkey Cage, all about AI, w/ Jo Brand & Alan Winfield (BBC Radio 4, Jan 18)






  • Five mysteries of the brain (BBC World Service, Dec 22)

  • The World of Science (interview for Swedish public TV, Dec 2)



  • Enriched with information (Science News, in feature by L. Sanders)

  • Emblems of awareness (Science News, in feature by L. Sanders)