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From October 2015 for a whole year, the Wellcome Collection in London is curating an exhibition all about consciousness. Called States of Mind: Tracing the Edges of Consciousness, it explores different aspects of human consciousness and will feature phenomena such as synaesthesia, sleepwalking, memory loss, and anaesthesia. Until 3 January 2016 the whole exhibition is however dedicated to a brilliant piece of installation art by Ann Veronica Janssens. YellowPinkBlue explores perception through light and colour by invading the gallery space with coloured mist. Emily Sargent of Wellcome describes it like this: "Defying the apparent immateriality of the medium, colour is caught in a state of suspension, veiling any detail of surface or depth within the space. Instead, attention is focused on the process of perception itself, destabilising perceptual norms and playing with the material nature of colour and form. Entering the gallery is to submit to colour as a physical entity, to be susbsumed by the experience of seeing."

As part of ongoing collaborations between the Sackler Centre and the Wellcome Collection, I've written a blurb for the installation here: What in the World is Consciousness? And with David Schwartzman we will be actively contributing to the main States of Mind exhibition throughout 2016. More on this soon!

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