Tracing the edges of consciousness

The brilliant new exhibition 'States of Mind: Tracing the edges of consciousness' opened on Feb 4th at the Wellcome Collection in London. I've been working with the curator, Emily Sargent, as science advisor to the project since 2014. This major exhibition, which will run until October, examines "perspectives from artists, psychologists, philosophers and neuroscientists to interrogate our understanding of the conscious experience. Exploring phenomena such as somnambulism, synaesthesia, and disorders of memory and consciousness, the exhibition will examine ideas around the nature of consciousness, and in particular what can happen when our typical conscious experience is interrupted, damaged or undermined."

Its been a great experience to witness the exhibition take shape, and to help it along its way. And with the able assistance of David Schwartzman we provided an interactive version of our 'training synaesthesia' study as part of the main exhibition, as well as an iPad-based exploration of visual illusions and consciousness. Its good to see the Sackler Centre having a strong presence in this prestigious space.

I was lucky to give a short talk at the opening event, which I've adapted for my NeuroBanter blog. Enjoy!

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