Emotion, memory, and the mind

The Human Mind Project has teamed up with the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science to present an exciting workshop exploring the human experience of emotion and memory. The workshop will take place July 7-8 at The Old Ship hotel in Brighton.

What we remember, and how we remember it, constitutes the texture of human life. Just as emotions shape our sense of things, including ourselves and other people, so memories shape the sense of who we are and what we have become throughout history.

How do memory and emotions shape lived experience and identity? Are current approaches across the mind and brain sciences adequate to the task of explaining the complex nature of feelings, sensations, memory, and identity? Can we study emotion and memory in other species, are there collective memories, and have our emotional lives changed over time?

This two day (lunch to lunch!) workshop will bring together a diverse range of thinkers, practitioners and researchers from across the arts and sciences to encourage challenging and inclusive debate. Speakers will present their talks in pairs, with a short time allocated for questions after each talk. At the end of each workshop day, a themed roundtable will allow space for questions and discussions with attendees.

Speakers include: Nicola Clayton & Clive Wilkins, Thomas Dixon, Claire Langhamer, Catherine Loveday, Giovanna Colombetti, Nick Payne, with opening and closing remarks from Anil Seth and Colin Blakemore.

More details, including links to registration (free!) are at the meeting webpage. The meeting is supported by the Human Mind Project and the Dr. Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation.

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