In touch with reality

To mark the end of our involvement with the year-long Wellcome Collection exhibition States of Mind, the Sackler Centre drove up to London with a truckload of virtual reality gear and some newly printed lab T-shirts.

In Touch with Reality, led by Keisuke Suzuki and David Schwartzman, was an evening event that investigated how our brains create experience of embodied selfhood, and how malleable that feeling is. The exhibition showcased the Sackler Centre's cutting-edge research straight from the lab, including multiple virtual and augmented reality exhibits, interactive displays exploring how our experience of the world is shaped by the body and how body-experience itself is actively constructed, moment to moment, by the brain.

The virtual reality exhibits, based on work by Dr. Keisuke Suzuki, allowed participants to ‘swap bodies’ with another person, have an out of body experience and even seamlessly swap realities while taking a journey around and outside the Wellcome trust without even leaving their chair. The evening also included talks by me "I predict (myself), therefore I am", and by Kate Genevieve - former artist in residence at the Centre. There were also many opportunities for visitors to talk with the scientists from the Sackler Centre about the exhibits and consciousness in general. An additional VR exhibit was created by Harry Brenton, Bespoke VR.

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