The Sky is Wider wins Best Drama 2016

The Sky is Wider won the prestigious Best Single Drama award at the 2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards, held in London in January. It also picked up Best Actress for Christine Bottomley's portrayal of the lead character Ella (beating Helen from The Archers!).

The drama, written by Linda Marshall-Griffith and produced by Nadia Molinari for BBC North, was conceived at a Wellcome Trust 'Experimental Stories' workshop three years ago, in Cambridge. I was extremely lucky to be paired with Linda and Nadia, and over 2 days the idea for the Sky is Wider took shape - though it took much longer and many more conversations before the final script was ready, and the production strategy fully set. The play explores the ethical and emotional consequences of emerging methods to communicate with patients in a minimally conscious state through mental imagery and neuroimaging. It was broadcast on Radio 4 in July 2016 and selected as BBC Radio Pick of the Year in December. Before winning the BBC Prize, it was shortlisted for the 2016 Prix Europa for radio drama. Many many congratulations to Linda, Nadia and Christine - I just feel lucky to have been along for the ride.

The judges said: "We thought 'The Sky is Wider' was a perfect radio play the explored the neurology and ethics surrounding the treatment of a patient with minimal consciousness ... It felt an important piece and we were all moved by it ... A stunning achievement".

Pictured (left to right): Christine Bottomley, Linda Marshall-Griffith, Nadia Molinari, and me. Find out more about the science behind the play, listen to it (much better through headphones for the full binaural experience), and browse some photos from the award ceremony.

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