My research

Understanding the neuroscience of consciousness requires a highly multidisciplinary approach.

I seek to understand the biological basis of consciousness by bringing together research across neuroscience, mathematics, computer science, psychology, philosophy and psychiatry. Through the Sackler Centre, the aim is to translate an enhanced understanding of the complex brain networks underpinning consciousness into new clinical approaches to psychiatric and neurological disorders. I also work on the statistics of time series analysis, see here for our standard-setting MATLAB toolbox on Granger causality.


My publications are available through PubMed, Google Scholar, or ORCID. My essay The Real Problem has a short summary of my approach to consciousness science.  And you can also view my 2017 TED talk (17 mins) or, if you have some time, listen to my conversation with Sam Harris on his Making Sense podcast (>3 hours!). I've put together a list of 'resources for newcomers to consciousness science' on my blog.

Current lab members include Dr. Lionel Barnett, Reny Baykova, Clémence Compain, Guillaume Corlouer, Dr. Peter Lush, Alberto Mariola, Dr. Warrick Roseboom, Dr. Maxine Sherman, Dr. David Schwartzman, Dr. Keisuke Suzuki, and Alec Tschantz. I am very fortunate to collaborate with these fantastic researchers, and with the many other talented scientists within the Sackler Centre.