TED (2017)  (main stage)

How your brain hallucinates your conscious reality.  About 17 minutes.

The Most Unknown (2018)

Trailer for feature documentary, directed by Ian Cheney for Vice/Motherboard, now on Netflix.

Consciousness & Creation (2018)

Short animation about consciousness, perception, art, and storytelling - for the Future of StoryTelling Summit (FoST) - directed by LazyChief.

Royal Institution (2016)

My Friday Discourse at the Royal Institution in May 2016 (1 hour).
The Q&A session is available here.

How we build perception from the inside out (2020)

In conversation with Nigel Warburton for Aeon Video

Wired Tech Support (2018)

I answer neuroscience questions from twitter, live & with strange props (11 mins).

Elegy: a discussion (2016)

A discussion with Murray Shanahan about the science and ethics of Nick Payne's play Elegy, which we both consulted for.  Filmed at The Donmar Warehouse.

Robotics, AI, and consciousness (2017)

A short video made for The Guardian, featuring me and Alan Winfield.

Making the Future (2016)

My Professorial lecture at Sussex, asking 'What in the world is consciousness?'.  About 30 mins.

The experience of being a conscious self (2015)

A short video made for the Primary Science Teaching Trust, produced by Prof. Susan Rodrigues (Liverpool Hope University)

Neuroscience of Consciousness: A new journal (2015)

A short introduction to the new journal, Neuroscience of Consciousness, for OUP.

Being a beast machine (2016)

My TEDx talk from Southampton, November 2016.  About 17 minutes.

Echoes of the brain (2015)

A short video made for Sussex University to showcase their research; here I talk about consciousness and the Sackler Centre.

Starlings (2010)

Animation by Kate Genevieve with music by Richard Durrant for a collaborative project 'Neuroscience and the Guitar'

Dubai Future Talks (2018)

'Highlights reel' from a talk to the Dubai government and business leaders in May 2018.

Consciousness: The hard problem (2012)

Discussing consciousness at the Royal  Institution, with Barry Smith, Chris Frith, and Alok Jha in the chair.

Sky News (2015)

Little snippet on the day the furore over The Dress took over the world.