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I’ve just posted a new preprint on “Conscious artificial intelligence and biological naturalism”. Read it here

Very much last minute, but I’m very much looking forward to delivering the opening keynote address at Towards a Science of Consciousness 2023, in Taormina, Sicily, on May 23rd – and from there its on to Bloom in Copenhagen, for events Friday and Sunday

My conversation with Sam Harris – Consciousness and Self – has just been released as part of his ‘Best of Making Sense’ series.

New book review in Current Biology! “Being You is an engaging and accessible tour through the field’s boldest theories, most creative experiments and most surprising findings. You could give the book to a smart teenager and get them asking questions that they will be thinking about for  the rest of their lives.”

Test your senses! The Perception Census is now live. Take part, find out about your powers of perception, and help advance the research. Part of the Dreamachine programme.

New podcast! The Michael Shermer Show – in which we talk about the hard problem of consciousness, the self, and the essence of volition.