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Building the Dreamachine, Silbersalz Inspiration Session (online), September 20
Being You – a New Science of Consciousness (w/ James Ladyman), Gloucester Road Books, Bristol, September 21
Being You – a New Science of Consciousness (w/ Adam Rutherford), Daunts Books, London, September 26
Beast Machines and Dreamachines, Unfinished, Bucharest, September 29 – October 04
Beast Machines and Dreamachines, Royal College of Art, London, October 12
The Mysteries of Consciousness (w/ Antonio Damasio), CCCB Biennale, Barcelona, October 14
Consciousness (w/ Joe LeDoux), Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY, October 18
How to build a Dreamachine, Brighton Skeptics, Brighton, October 26
Body, Mind, and Consciousness, Science and Wisdom Live, October 29 (online)
Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Debate, London, November 16
Meet your brain: Consciousness, New Scientist Instant Expert, London, November 19
Being You – a New Science of Consciousness, Folkestone Literature Festival, Folkestone, November 20
Festival of Hope, Cardiff, December 02
Understanding Consciousness, Guardian masterclass, December 05

*please be warned that due to Long Covid I may have to cancel or postpone events*

Come and gone

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