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Hallucinating reality

How The Light Gets In, London, 2021

How your brain invents your ‘self’

TED talk, 2021

Consciousness: the worlds deepest mystery

Online course, New Scientist Academy, 2021
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The scientific problem of consciousness

Quanta, 2021

A new science of consciousness

Closer To Truth, 2021

The experience of being me

How your brain works

Online course, New Scientist Academy, 2021
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The Disordered Eye

Documentary by Richard Butchins, BBC4, 2020
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Brain Surgeons: Between Life and Death

Documentary by Jack MacInnes, Channel 4, 2020

The Search

Documentary film by Patrick Payne, 2020
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How we build perception from the inside out

In conversation with Nigel Warburton, Aeon Video, 2020
Featured in Aeon’s ‘most popular’ list for 2020

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life

Documentary film by Ric Burns, 2019
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Living in Chaos

Documentary TV show, VPRO (Holland), 2019

World Science Festival, New York, 2019

World Science Festival, New York, 2019

The Most Unknown

Feature documentary by Ian Cheney, Vice/Motherboard, 2018 Watch the trailer

Consciousness & Creation

Animated short by Lazy Chief, created for the Future of StoryTelling Summit (FoST), 2018

Wired Tech Support

I answer neuroscience questions from twitter, live and with strange props, 2018

The Joy of AI

Documentary TV show, BBC Four, 2018

Why reality may just be a hallucination

Business Insider, 2018

Our experience of reality

Vice/Motherboard, 2018

Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality

Main-stage TED talk, 2017

The Story of Now

Documentary TV series with Idris Elba, 2015