Podcasts and interviews

Interviews, conversations, and radio features.

  • The TED interview

  • Making Sense with Sam Harris

  • Under the Skin with Russell Brand

  • Private Passions with Michael Berkeley

Mindscape with Sean Carroll, 2021

Start The Week, BBC Radio 4 (featured in Pick of the Week), 2021

Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, 2021

52 Insights with Ari Stein, 2021

Thought Economics with Vikas Shah, 2021

The Cosmic Shambles Network, 2021

Mind and Life Institute, 2020

Under the Skin with Russell Brand, 2019

Consciousness at TED

The TED interview with Chris Anderson (live at the TED Summit), 2019

Interview with Cristian Warnken, 2019

Making Sense with Sam Harris, 2018

Conversation and music with Michael Berkeley, BBC Radio 3, 2018

How does your brain construct your conscious reality?

TED Radio Hour, NPR, 2018

Philosophy Bites with Nigel Warburton, 2017

With Jim Al-Khalili, BBC Radio 4, 2015

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I have also appeared on the Today Programme (BBC Radio 4), World at One (BBC Radio 4), BBC Sussex, Radio W Colombia, Newstalk Ireland, ABC Radio Perth, among other radio channels. For a full list, see here.