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Self in Mind with Melanie Challenger, 2022

Self, sense, and awareness with Dr. Tony Nader, 2022

Human and AI consciousness, The Spark with Nora Young, CBC Radio 1, 2022

Books of the Year, Book Shambles with Robin Ince, 2022

A new science of consciousness, FUTURES with Luke Robert Mason, 2022

Dissolving the central mystery of life, Evolving Leader with Scott Allender & Jean Gomes, 2021

Consciousness, perception, and Being You, Mind and Matter with Nick Jikomes, 2021

A new science of consciousness, Talking Brains with Andrés Canales-Johnson, 2021

The science of consciousness, Inquiring Minds with Indre Viskontas, 2021

Controlled hallucinations, The Float podcast with Jonas Kaplan & Mary Sweeney, 2021

Being You, Brain Inspired with Paul Middlebroks, 2021

The science of consciousness, The Rewired Soul with Chris Bootté, 2021

The mystery of consciousness, Something You Should Know with Mike Carruthers, 2021

Is consciousness a controlled hallucination? Mind Chat with Philip Goff and Keith Frankish, 2021

Emergence, Information, and Consciousness. Mindscape with Sean Carroll, 2021

The Nihal Arthanayake show. BBC Radio 5 Live, 2021

Life in the First Person. Start The Week, BBC Radio 4, 2021

New Scientist Weekly with Rowan Hooper, 2021

Exploring Consciousness. Brain Science with Ginger Campbell, 2021

Book shambles with Robin Ince and Josie Long, 2021

We are the movie. 52 Insights with Ari Stein, 2021

5×15 with Adam Rutherford, 2021

Unlocking Consciousness, Perception & Self. Thought Economics with Vikas Shah, 2021

Tips for Existence with Robin Ince The Cosmic Shambles Network, 2021

Is the brain the seat of the soul? The Jillian Michaels Show, 2020

Consciousness at TED. The TED interview with Chris Anderson (live at the TED Summit), 2019

Challenging perception and consciousness. Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey, 2019

Perception and consciousness. Desde el jardín with Cristian Warnken (Chile), 2019

The neuroscience of reality. Under the Skin with Russell Brand, 2019

Interview about research impact. Impacted, Sussex University, 2019

Private Passions. Conversation and music with Michael Berkeley, BBC Radio 3, 2018

The King of Dreams. BBC Radio 4, 2016

All in the Mind. BBC Radio 4, 2015