Being You - A New Science of Consciousness
Anil Seth, 2021

Being You is not as simple as it sounds. Somehow, within each of our brains, billions of neurons work to create our conscious experience. How does this happen? Why do we experience life in the first person? After over twenty years researching the brain, world-renowned neuroscientist Anil Seth puts forward a radical new theory of consciousness and self. His unique theory of what it means to 'be you' challenges our understanding of perception and reality and it turns what you thought you knew about yourself on its head.

Few people are as well positioned as Anil Seth to tackle the question of consciousness. Beautifully written, crystal clear, deeply insightful.'
DAVID EAGLEMAN, Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of Livewired

'Seth provokes us to think about thinking . . . readable, relatable, and gripping.'
ALEX GARLAND, director of Ex Machina

Published Sep 2nd 2021 in the UK by Faber & Faber, and Oct 12th 2021 in the US/Canada by Dutton Books / Penguin Random House. Pre-order it here.

Seth, A.K. (Ed), 2014
Ivy Press


Are we all at the mercy of our brain chemistry? Do you think that the amygdala and the hippocampus are fantastical sea monsters? What can an MRI scan tell us? Could you explain to dinner-party guests why we don’t giggle when we tickle ourselves? 30 Second Brain is the quickest way to understand what’s happening inside your head, challenging experts in the field to explain the 50 most mind-blowing theories in neuroscience. Each entry is summarized in just 30 seconds using nothing more than two pages, 300 words, and a single picture. Discover how the networks of 90 billion nerve cells work together to produce perception, action, cognition, and emotion. Explore how your brain defines your personality, and what it gets up to while you are asleep. Illustrated with mind-bending graphics and supported by biographies of pioneers in the field of neuroscience, it’s the book to get your gray matter thinking about your gray matter.

Seth, A.K., Prescott, T.J., & Bryson J.J, (Eds) 2011
Cambridge University Press


Action selection is the task of doing the right thing at the right time. It requires the assessment of available alternatives, executing those most appropriate, and resolving conflicts among competing goals and possibilities. Using advanced computational modelling, this book explores cutting-edge research into action selection in nature from a wide range of disciplines, from neuroscience to behavioural ecology, and even political science. It delivers new insights into both detailed and systems-level attributes of natural intelligence and demonstrates advances in methodological practice. Contributions from leading researchers cover issues including whether biological action selection is optimal, neural substrates for action selection in the vertebrate brain, perceptual selection in decision making, and interactions between group and individual action selection. This first integrated review of action selection in nature contains a balance of review and original research material, consolidating current knowledge into a valuable reference for researchers while illustrating potential paths for future studies.

Gifford, C., & Seth, A.K.*, 2013
Ivy Kids
WINNER of the 2014 Royal Society Young People's Book Prize



Why do some printed pictures appear to swirl madly in front of your eyes? How can two colours that look completely different actually be the same? What makes complete images suddenly arise out of random patterns? With this crazy book of optical illusions, astound your eyes and amaze your brain and discover the science of how the illusions work. Clive Gifford’s fun and accessible text introduces kids to the neuroscience behind how our brains and our eyes interact, creating these amazing phenomena. Children will be enthralled by the illusions, and engaged by the supporting information. Learning and critical thinking are encouraged, as readers come away wondering: can you ever believe what you see?

Gifford, C., & Seth A.K.*, 2015


Follow up to the Royal Society Prize Winning EyeBenders!

Trick your senses and baffle your brain with this crazy book of mind tricks and neuroscience information. Find out how magicians make use of “inattentional blindness” when doing magic tricks, and why you miss details that are hidden in plain sight. Discover why your memory isn’t as good as you think, and how it’s possible to remember things that never actually happened. This astonishing science book presents a wide range of brain games and mind tricks, and explains how these reveal the working processes of the brain. It will engage and entertain, and leave you wondering: do you really know your own mind?



Gifford, C., & Seth A.K.*, 2016


Another exploration of the wonders of the human brain, for kids. Find 30 amazing topics for brilliant brains, each explained in half a minute.  Filled with fun, fresh artwork, exciting mini-missions and quick bite-sized summaries - this is the ideal introduction to unlocking the mysteries of mind and brain.