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“engaging and accessible” … “it is a compelling picture”, new review of Being You in the Times Literary Supplement, by master illusionist Keith Frankish

“After decades of research into the mysteries of consciousness, the British academic has reached a radical conclusion – by way of meditation, surfing and a DIY “dream machine”.” New profile of me in this week’s New Statesman.

Announcing Dreamachine – a one-of-a-kind collective, immersive experience, starting May 2022. All you need to do is close your eyes. Follow us @drea_m_achine






My conversation with Azeem Azhar, host of Exponential View and author of (the excellent) Exponential, is out now.  We talk about consciousness, AI, and I get grumpy about the metaverse.

“Lucid, engaging …  awe inspiring and humane.” Being You is one of New Statesman’s 20 essential reads of 2021, across all categories. I could never have imagined sharing a list with Kazuo Ishiguro – but here we are!

Being You has been chosen as a Best Science Book of 2021 by both The Guardian “A brilliant and profound book” and the Financial Times “fluent and accessible”.  And for Five Books it is Best Philosophy Book of 2021 too!

Being You has been reviewed in the New Statesman! “In lucid, engaging prose Seth deftly navigates long-standing philosophical debates over the nature of consciousness”. Read the full review here.