Through the Sackler Centre, I help organize and contribute to a wide range of academic, public engagement, and art-science projects and events.  I also give regular academic and public presentations.

Rap Guide to

I've been very fortunate to work with the brilliant Baba Brinkman to help shape his new Rap Guide to Consciousness, following the success of his previous Guides to Evolution and Climate Chaos.  The new show premiered at the Brighton Fringe, enjoyed a full run at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe and has played >6 months in New York. Its getting some pretty good reviews.

From Body to Being was held in the foyer of the Brighton Dome as part of the 2017 British Science Festival. On the day we attracted over 1200 members of the public of all ages to experience the cutting edge of consciousness science and virtual reality. 11 different installations allowed members of the public to explore how experiences of the world are shaped by the body, and how bodily-experience itself is actively constructed, moment-to-moment, by the brain. While all of the exhibits involved fun experiences, they also encouraged visitors to learn scientific concepts through these experiences, and to discuss the science and personal relevance of these questions with Sackler Centre researchers.

The event was coordinated by Drs. David Schwartzman and Keisuke Suzuki

To round of the Wellcome Collection exhibition 'States of Mind', the Sackler Centre lab took a truckload of virtual reality gear up to London to curate an evening event all about the experience of being an embodied self. Led by Dr. David Schwartzman and Dr. Keisuke Suzuki, we attracted over 100 members of the public of all ages for this two hour event.  The exhibition showcased the Sackler Centre’s cutting-edge research straight from the lab, including multiple virtual and augmented reality exhibits, interactive displays exploring how our experience of the world is shaped by the body and how body-experience itself is actively constructed, moment-to-moment, by the brain.

Sackler Centre members returned to the Science Museum in March 2015, to play a key role a festival of human enhancement: You Have Been Upgraded. We demonstrated our pioneering 'substitutional reality' technology, our sensory subsitution devices, and I gave a short 'meet the expert' pop-up talk on consciousness.

What is the latest philosophical and scientific thinking in explaining how the wet stuff in our heads creates the world we experience? In 2012 I took part in a Guardian sponsored debate at the Royal institution, discussing this question along with Alok Jha, Professor Barry Smith and Professor Chris Frith. Our initial presentations are in the above movie - the discussion part is here.  There is also a Guardian podcast with the four of us.

A film project collaboration with the wonderful people at Guerilla Science, director Katherine Round and musician Jamie Pereira.  The project explored the nature of constructed perception and its relation to mental health.  It premiered at FutureFest 2018 at Tobacco Docks, where Sackler Centre researchers were on hand to discuss the unique experience with participants.


A photo essay by photographer Barry Falk, showing as part of the Brighton Photo Biennial Fringe, at the Regency Town House in Brunswick Square. Barry explored the sometimes inscrutable nature of consciousness science through portraits of the researchers, and of some of our laboratory environments.  On October 13 some of our team joined Barry to provide an interactive science day, accompanying the photos with a wide range of immersive VR experiences and other demonstrations.

States of Mind  (2016)

Throughout 2016 the Sackler Centre had a strong presence at the major  Wellcome Collection exhibition on consciousness: States of Mind.  I was the primary science advisor, and with David Schwartzman we also provided some primary content for the exhibition. My short talk from the opening event is here, on NeuroBanter.

State Of Mind was a one-day public 'expo' of all things consciousness-science, curated as part of ASSC16 and held in Brighton's wonderful Corn Exchange. In one day, more than 1800 people were engaged, entertained, and enlightened about the new science of consciousness, in a rich programme involving interactive exhibits, art-science collaborations, virtual reality, capsule talks, and more. The event was coordinated by Dr. David Schwartzman.

Zombie lab (2013)

The Sackler Centre was out in force to take part in ZombieLab at the Science Museum in February 2013. Its aim was to draw the public in to discuss the science of consciousness to the backdrop of a zombie outbreak. Sackler members Anil Seth, Daniel Bor and Sarah Garfinkel discussed research in the field of consciousness science to answer if zombies are conscious.

Keisuke Suzuki exhibited an "Out of Body" demo using his virtual reality setup, and other members of the Sackler Centre were on hand to answer key questions about the nature of consciousness all weekend.

What we remember, and how we remember it, constitutes the texture of human life. How do memory and emotions contribute to lived experience and identity? The Human Mind Project has teamed up with the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex to present this exciting workshop exploring the human experience of emotion and memory.  July 7-8, 2016 at The Old Ship hotel in Brighton.


In 2012 the Sackler Centre hosted the 16th meeting of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, at the historic Brighton Dome and Corn Exchange.  Over 500 attendees made this the largest and most successful ASSC congress in its history.  I was overall conference Chair.